Cloverdale Indivisible is a grassroots organization with a growing membership of over 160 people. The organization holds monthly meetings for the membership, as well as sending weekly email updates. Members are encouraged to join in the activities of the general membership and the Working Committees. Activities are listed on our Facebook page as well as our website and include educating the community; communicating and meeting with our legislators; conducting voter registration; getting out the vote by holding post card and phone banking parties, text banking, and canvassing; and participating in rallies/protests.


The Steering Committee facilitates the work of the larger organization. The Committee meets at least once a month to plan the monthly membership meeting, brain storm, review ideas from the membership, and share information. As a grassroots organization, input from the membership is strongly encouraged and valued.

  • Vicky Groom, Founder, Cloverdale Indivisible
  • Niranjana Parthasarathi
  • Pam Browning
  • Brooke Greene
  • Virginia Greenwald


WORKING COMMITTEES (and Facilitators)

Elections (Pam Browning,

The upcoming November Elections are the most important Mid-term Elections of our life-times — with the future of our Country hanging on the outcome. The Elections Committee is focused on voter registration and getting out the vote by sending postcards, phone banking, texting and canvassing — directed primarily within swing districts. The Committee is also concerned with the insecurity of the voting process, gerrymandering, and voter suppression.

Health Care (Niranjana Parthasarathi,

The Health Care Committee communicates and meets with state and federal officials to promote health care legislation that covers all Americans. We believe health care is a right, not a privilege. When the Affordable Care Act is threatened, the committee participates in phone banking campaigns with other activist groups to encourage constituents to contact their elected officials and urge them not to repeal the ACA.

Immigration/Rapid Response Network (Vicky Groom, ):

The Immigration/Rapid Response Network Committee works in partnership with other community organizations throughout Sonoma County to promote inclusion and protection of our vulnerable community members who may be targeted by ICE. Many of our members are volunteers with the Legal Observation Team and/or the Accompaniment Team. We also seek to inform and educate the community about immigration issues.

Environment (Sally Evans,, Janet Seaforth, Dan Fitzsimmons):

The Environment Committee researches issues and compiles information from many sources regarding climate change, and, encourages actions to be taken that promote local awareness and personal responsibility. Members participate in local environmental cleanups—specifically river cleanups. The committee organizes an annual Community Earth Day Celebration.

CA State Strong Coalition (Virginia Greenwald, & Vicky Groom):

Cloverdale Indivisible is a participating member of the CA State Strong Coalition. The coalition, composed of many Indivisible organizations throughout the State of California, resists hatred and authoritarianism and further inspires our state government to build a progressive, compassionate society for all. We provide guidance to and apply pressure on, our elected state officials to ensure passage of state legislation that is fair and just.


Brooke Greene


Vicky Groom and Pam Browning


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Pam Browning